The U130 drone delivers an efficient solution to the most demanding industrial applications. Its versatility is an asset to suit every mission specific needs, allowing a gain in safety and efficiency. 

Technical inspection

The use of high-resolution cameras and lenses adapted to the inspection of engineered work make possible to carry out the following missions:

- Concrete pathologies identification
- Detection of cracks
- Anticorrosive balance
- Technical readings

The U130 drone positioning accuracy allows locating the work defects and so, to follow their evolution over time.



Indoor inspection

The U130 drone can realise indoor missions. It brings about an inspection solution efficient in places difficult to reach thanks to its unique vertical and horizontal 360° vision.

Equipped with protective shields, the U130 drone is able to go, in complete safety, to the nearest of structures, or even into contact.

The U130 drone remarkable stabilisation as well as its ease of piloting guarantee to the operators efficiency and safety.



Radiation survey

The U130 drone can be equipped with radio detection facilities in order to support situations with radiological risk.

The Gamma sensing probe, integrated to the U130 drone, enables measuring in real time and geo-referencing the radiation level from the control interface.

The control interface allows exporting data toward other systems of information present during the interventions (satellite link, command…)
The U130 drone fastness and ease of setting up are major assets for this kind of mission.




Thanks to its removable payload, the U130 drone suits every situation. Embedded cameras are equipped with interchangeable lens:

- Wide angle for overviews
- Telephoto to isolate the action
- Fisheye for panoramic and virtual tours

The U130 drone ease of transport offers a maximum flexibility during the system setting up.



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